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  1. Italian Drama Slam in Trieste! Bando de partecipazione!


    September 20, 2019 by jimi

    Drama Slam
    in collaborazione con Vitamins of Society

    Autori e drammaturghi di tutta Italia, o aspiranti tali, scaldate i motori. Stanno per decollare in Hangar Teatri i Drama Slam.

    Hangar Teatri intende dare sempre più spazio ai nuovi autori … weiter lesen...

  2. DRaMa SLaM XXXI – 1st Belgian DRaMa SLaM


    January 14, 2019 by jimi

    Le Premier DRaMa SLaM Belge   –  De eerste DRaMa SLaM van België French & Dutch Dramas / English Subtitles

    24th of January 20.00
    Pianofabriek, Rue du Fortstraat, 35 St.Gillis/Gilles

    Auteurs écrivent de drames courts.
    Auteurs schrijven korte drama‘s.

    Actrices et weiter lesen...

  3. Asja Krsmanovic wins the first Bosnian Drama Slam


    May 24, 2016 by jimi

    It was a great night of contemporary drama at the crowded Kriterion Art Cinema Sarajevo! 6 new plays saw the stage light for the first time and “U Lice” by Asja Krsmanovic could finally receive the most points in the … weiter lesen...

NeXt tIMe

29th of January 2022
Hangar Teatri Trieste