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Asja Krsmanovic wins the first Bosnian Drama Slam


May 24, 2016 by jimi

It was a great night of contemporary drama at the crowded Kriterion Art Cinema Sarajevo! 6 new plays saw the stage light for the first time and “U Lice” by Asja Krsmanovic could finally receive the most points in the grass roots democratic voting!

Congratulations to all the great writers including
Bojana Vidosavljevic, Naida Lindov, Melina Alagic, Tina Smalcelj & Mirza Skenderagic,
and great thanks to the
splendid actors: Nina Đogo, Sanela Krsmanović Bistrivoda, Amar Čustović, Adnan Kreso

NeXt tIMe

10th of November 2019
Hangar Teatri Trieste