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DRAMA SLAM XXXII – Trieste II – & the winner is …


November 12, 2019 by jimi

Tramonti Sereni di Patrizia Ziviz

A wonderful Sunday afternoon in Trieste brought 7 unseen short dramas to the light of the stage! A good filled Hangar Teatri saw the performance of 4 wonderful actors
Valentina Milan, Luigi Orsini, Sergio Pancaldi & Ilaria Santostefano finding their way through very diverse texts and settings of Beatrice Achille, Busco (Paolo Buschi & Monica Scoppa) Lucia Zaccigna, Livio Cerneca, Ivo Huez & Rita Siligato!

Christian Sinicco and Jimi Lend hosted the very well received perfomance!

Thanks to everybody contributing to another fantastic Drama Slam

made possible by the support of the
Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia
and the
Forum Austriaco di Cultura Milan


NeXt tIMe

29th of January 2022
Hangar Teatri Trieste