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DRAMA SLAM XXXII – Trieste II – & the winner is …


November 12, 2019 by jimi

Tramonti Sereni di Patrizia Ziviz

A wonderful Sunday afternoon in Trieste brought 7 unseen short dramas to the light of the stage! A good filled Hangar Teatri saw the performance of 4 wonderful actors
Valentina Milan, Luigi Orsini, Sergio Pancaldi … weiter lesen...

Italian Drama Slam in Trieste! Bando de partecipazione!


September 20, 2019 by jimi

Drama Slam
in collaborazione con Vitamins of Society

Autori e drammaturghi di tutta Italia, o aspiranti tali, scaldate i motori. Stanno per decollare in Hangar Teatri i Drama Slam.

Hangar Teatri intende dare sempre più spazio ai nuovi autori … weiter lesen...

DS XXXI – BELGIAN EDITION – and the winner is


January 25, 2019 by jimi

Gardav by Antoine Jipok

A play about imprisoned yellow-west-protesters and there struggle for messages.

Thank you for your participation and for the great multilingual show-experience!

Special thanks to all Actors, Writers, the Technicians and all the helpful activists from our … weiter lesen...

NeXt tIMe

29th of January 2022
Hangar Teatri Trieste